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North-East of England > Roker To Seaburn Coastline, Sunderland

Roker is home to unique geological structures, with rugged cliffs and unique ‘cannonball’ limestone rock formations which can only be found in certain parts of the world.


These intriguing geological features are ideal for coasteering explorers. Spherical rocks that resemble cannon balls have also become the inspiration for the large oak-clad, multi-purpose mobile eco ‘Pods’, complete with solar panels and wind turbines. Here you can buy your essential beach equipment; buckets, nets, balls and refreshments to keep your young ones energy levels up and look out for special family activities that are run from the Pods at certain times.


The wide golden sandy beaches at Seaburn have been modernised with improved street furniture, lighting, children’s play areas and gorgeous greenery. The family friendly beaches have wide paths for cycles, buggies (or skipping!) and there are pedestrian only promenades for strolling along hand in hand. As with the majority of our coastline, during favourable conditions huge waves can be seen battering the sea walls and Roker Pier, which often attracts many a visitor. The promenade between Roker and Seaburn is not an ideal place to take a walk during this time, unless you're up top, observing from a safe haven. Waves twice the size of Roker Lighthouse can often be seen breaching the pier walls. Be warned!


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