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Aerial > Aerial Video > My Patch (Part Six) - Winter On Penshaw Hill, Sunderland, UK

Filmed : 29 December, 2017


Duration : 6 minutes, 34 seconds




When I bought my Phantom Quadcopter back in the Summer of 2016, I looked forward to flying it over my favourite local haunts. One such place is the iconic Penshaw Monument, on the outskirts of Sunderland. From imagination to flight and ultimately the capture of video and still photography - that was the plan and so it came to fruition. Fast forward a whole year and slightly more, I found myself back at Penshaw Hill, but this time my aerial recordings would capture the scene after a few hours of snowfall. A winter wonderland was right in front of me, plus dog walkers, people sledging down the hill, and even the odd fellow drone pilot, doing his thing.


From ground level, Penshaw Hill in the snow looked amazing. When viewing the scene from above on the drone's live view monitor, it was even better. This birds eye perspective shed a completely new light on a scene that I'd previously viewed from every conceivable angle, but this topped the lot. The aircaraft took off from a parking spot near the kissing gate. From there it quickly negotiated the hill via the steps, before arriving at the folly and eventually circling it. The snowy vista was captured from every possible angle. The surrounding fields were nicely sugar coated and the approach roads can also be seen. Infact, this video shows how much of the region is covered in snow, as it stretches from directly below the camera, to the far horizon.


Days like these are what I bought the drone for. It was great to tick this one off. Within a few hours the snow had thawed, so it was a wise decision to fly the drone when I did. Job done.  





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