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Aerial > Aerial Video > My Patch (Part Seven) - Angel Of The North, Gateshead, UK

Filmed : 29 December, 2017


Duration : 7 minutes, 22 seconds




Another instalment of MY PATCH, featuring the Angel Of The North. My first video in this series was also filmed here, on a sunny day with clear skies, which made for some great shadows of the rusty structure on a nearby football pitch. There would be no repeat performance in those conditions though, as this occasion was a complete white out, following a few hours of snowfall at the tail end of December 2017.


Days like these are what aerial video and photography are all about. The snowy vista below looked amazing, and flanked by two very busy roads, there was plenty going on at this location. Visitors came and went, enjoying the snow and making the most of it with sledges and the odd snowball exchange. Sunset was approaching, so I got the aircraft off the ground and filmed the last light of the day as the sun dropped ever closer to the horizon. The warm glow on the blades of the angel was the highlight of my 15 minute flight, which you will see here in my short video. Yeah, it was quite chilly, but you tend to ignore these things when you're surrounded by natural beauty, particularly when the clock is ticking rapidly towards sunset. Two more drones were zipping about as I filmed and photographed, but thankfully there were no mid-air mishaps, so all was good in the end.  




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