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Gallery 2 > Event Coverage > Lumiere 2019 - Durham City, UK

'The largest outdoor light festival in the UK returns to Durham in spectacular style'



Hundreds of thousands of people braved incessant rain to experience four spectacular evenings, showcasing 37 light artworks by international and local artists across Durham City. First estimates put the number of visitors at 165,000, bringing the total number of people who have enjoyed the festival since it began in 2009 to just over one million.


This was my third visit to Lumiere and hopefully, not the last. As an amateur photographer, it really did feel like I was the moth who was drawn to the lights. Having a particular interest in low-light photography, this event was tailor made for me. Out of the dark, comes the light ... comes the hour ... comes the photographer.


If, like me, you've visited previous Lumiere events, you've probably found yourself comparing one event to another and weighing up the fact that this one was better than the prevois one, but not as good as the one four years ago, etc etc. It's something we do without realising, but one thing you can't fail to realise is the amount of effort, commitment and hard work that has gone into bringing Lumiere to the North-East of England, every other year. With an array of installations on show, it's almost impossible to visit them all, especially when some are dotted around the far corners of Durham City Centre. In 2017, I managed to attend all four nights of the light festival, taking in the vast majority of the installations. I had every intention of repeating that feat in 2019, but the elements put paid to that, as constant rain fell, over the course of three days. The last night of Lumiere had arrived and this was my last chance to go along and bag some shots. Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't mind a bit of rain, but when you're carting expensive camera gear from one installation to the next, there's always a risk of causing some real damage to your gear. Well, I managed to put one night in.  I knew I wouldn't get round the majority of the installations, but I picked off the highlights of the event, guided by the official Lumiere programme that I forked out two quid for. So, without further delay, click the thumbnails on the right to view my Lumiere 2019 image galleries. Here's to the next Lumiere, in 2021...



14th-17th NOVEMBER, 2019

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