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01.  Profitis Elias Church, Protaras


02.  Remembrance Bands, Protaras


03.  Europa Fountain, Larnaca


04.  Back Streets Of Larnaca

17.  Aphrodite's Rock, Kouklia


18.  Aphrodite's Rock Beach, Kouklia


19.  Love Hearts, Aphrodite's Rock Beach, Kouklia


20.  Man On The Edge, Aphrodite's Rock, Kouklia

13.  Cape Greco


14.  Pirate Boat, Paphos


15.  Paphos Marina


16.  In Full Bloom, Green Bay 

09.  Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa  


10.  Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa  


11.  Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa  


12.  Cape Greco

05.  Pernera Beach


06.  Pernera Beach


07.  Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa  


08.  Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa  

21.  Sunset, Paralimni Football Ground, Protaras


22.  Sunset, Paralimni Football Ground, Protaras


23.  Moonrise over Protaras


24.  Moonrise over Protaras

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia (both in terms of area and population). It is also the world's 80th largest by area and world's 51st largest by population. It measures 240 kilometres (149 mi) long from end to end and 100 kilometres (62 mi) wide at its widest point, with Turkey 75 kilometres (47 mi) to the north. It lies between latitudes 34° and 36° N, and longitudes 32° and 35° E.


The physical relief of the island is dominated by two mountain ranges, the Troodos Mountains and the smaller Kyrenia Range, and the central plain they encompass, the Mesaoria. The Mesaoria plain is drained by the Pedieos River, the longest on the island. The Troodos Mountains cover most of the southern and western portions of the island and account for roughly half its area. The highest point on Cyprus is Mount Olympus at 1,952 m (6,404 ft), located in the centre of the Troodos range. The narrow Kyrenia Range, extending along the northern coastline, occupies substantially less area, and elevations are lower, reaching a maximum of 1,024 m (3,360 ft). The island lies within the Anatolian Plate.


Geopolitically, the island is subdivided into four main segments. The Republic of Cyprus occupies the southern two-thirds of the island (59.74%). The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus occupies the northern third (34.85%), and the United Nations-controlled Green Line provides a buffer zone that separates the two and covers 2.67% of the island. Lastly, two bases under British sovereignty are located on the island: Akrotiri and Dhekelia, covering the remaining 2.74%.


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